Watching The Exterior Of Your Home

As a homeowner, you always want to pay attention to things that are going on both on the inside and the outside of your home. Most times the things going on around the inside of the house will be noticed first simply because that is where household members spend the majority of their time. However, in some cases, things going on with the exterior of the home will be just as important to have taken care of as what's going on inside. Here are some of the things you want to make sure you stay on top of when it comes to the exterior of your home:

Make sure the roof and gutters are in good condition – You need to take a moment to look at what's going on with your roof and the rain gutters regularly. Anytime you notice a problem it needs to be addressed. It can be easy to think about having a problem fixed and not actually make that call, but this can quickly lead to some major issues. Also, you need to keep the gutters clean, so rainwater will be carried to the downspout and washed away in the manner the gutters are designed to make that to happen.

Keep drains clean – Go around the property regularly and make sure any drains on your property are clean. This will allow water to go down the drain and into the sewer system how it is supposed to, so you can avoid flooding issues on your property that can cause your grass to die or lead to other problems with your landscaping.

Make sure your window screens are in good shape – Pay attention to all of the screens on the windows when you are outside. If you have certain windows that you don't always open, then it can get past you that there is a ripped or missing screen. If you have either of these things wrong with a screen, then when you go to open that window you will be allowing pests to come right inside your home.

Have problematic trees taken care of – Pay attention to all of the trees on your property. If you see that you have a diseased tree, you should consider having it removed so the disease doesn't spread. Also, a diseased tree will become weak which can lead to it falling. If you have a tree with branches that are growing in areas where they can cause problems, then you want to have someone come out to cut those branches back. A couple of examples of problematic branches would be ones that are growing too close to the roof of your home or ones that are growing into power lines that are on or near your property. Contact a service, like Mark Crane's Tree & Arborist Services , for more help.