Cool And Efficient Ways To Dress Up Your Boring Home Gutter System

When most people think about evolving the exterior of their home, they consider things like adding new siding or changing up their landscape. However, there is one exterior home element that can also be dressed up to be a little more interesting: the gutter system. 

Gutters are some of the most basic home features and serve an important purpose of routing water away from the house. Yet, your gutter system can still be gussied up to offer that little something extra that makes it more interesting. Here are three cool and efficient wats to dress up a boring home gutter system. 

Install rain chains where downspouts would normally go. 

Copper rain chains have been used in other places for a really long time, but they are just starting to gain popularity in the U.S. These cool fixtures are literally chains that hang from your gutters at the downspout opening in place of a regular downspout. The water travels along the individual links and into a receptacle at the base, so you actually get to watch the water trickle down the chain when it's raining. Rain chains are a really cool thing to have on your patio or near a covered porch if you enjoy sitting outside when it rains. 

Create a rainwater harvesting receptacle. 

Every time it rains, the sky opens up and drops loads of water out that could be used to water your garden, wash off your driveway, clean your car, or even water your livestock. However, this rain is usually captured by the gutter system and deposited back into the ground. 

With a simple rainwater collection system, you can collect water with every occurrence of rainfall. Rainwater collection systems usually connect to the downspout in some form or fashion, and some of them can actually look pretty cool, like those that are an old-fashioned barrel connected to a rain chain from the downspout. 

Trade in plain gutters for something flashier. 

Go to the home improvement center and pick up rain gutters, you are probably going to walk out with either aluminum or plastic versions that are either white or match the color of your roof. However, you can get a little more glamorous with rain gutters, especially if you work with a custom gutter supplier. For example, you can get gutters made of solid copper or aluminum gutters with a brushed nickel sort of finish. These flashy gutters add an element of designer personality to the perimeter of your home.