3 Fundamental Control Steps To Take For A Cockroach Infestation

When you find cockroaches on your property, it's important to respond immediately. Otherwise, your infestation will only grow and so could germs and diseases. For this bug problem, these control measures are critical to take. 

1. Identify Paths of Entry 

If you've never really had a problem with cockroaches before, something may have changed around your property that allowed them to come in. You need to find these sources of entry so you can prevent more from coming back over and over.

Try thinking like a cockroach. Where are places around your house where they could enter? Look around the foundation, underneath doorways, cracks between windows, and potentially your roof. If you notice potential weak points around these areas, you need to take proactive measures and seal them up. Only then will your cockroach problem stop getting bigger.

2. Set Out Poisonous Baits 

For a relatively small cockroach problem, you can have success at eradicating these pesky insects by setting out poisonous baits. They draw them in and after ingestion, they'll quickly die off. For these poison baits to be effective, though, you need to put them in the right areas of your home. 

Cockroaches like dark environments where they can easily find sources of food. These areas include cabinets and corners in the kitchen and bathroom. Put baits in these locations for maximum results. You should also place these baits in crevices of furniture, near different entry points, and around trash cans.

3. Hire a Professional 

There may be times when no tactics you try effectively kill off the cockroach population. If you've reached this point, don't hesitate to contact a pest control expert. They know the exact behavior of these bugs and can thus develop control measures that eradicate them from your property quickly.

Their commercial roach insecticides are top of the line and generally patented. A lot of them are even eco-friendly, an important feature if you have pets or children around your house. Once they kill off the first wave of cockroaches, they can come back a few weeks later to finish up any stragglers. Their attention to detail and understanding can make cockroaches easy to deal with.

You never want to find cockroaches in your home, but it happens to a lot of homeowners. If you're in the same boat, be sure to take the right control steps early -- before these insects cause a lot of stress in your life. For more information, contact your local pest control service.