3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sofa

In most homes, the sofa is a key part of the living or family room. It may be where you and your immediate family gather in front of the TV or it may just be the furniture that complements your favorite chairs and recliners. Not matter what its function is, the right couch is important. With this guide, you will learn a few key factors to consider when choosing your sofa.


Size matters, but not in the way you may believe. A couch too big will crowd a room and make the space feel impersonal. However, if the sofa is too small, it will not have adequate space for you and your needs. Therefore, choose the size of your sofa wisely.

If you have a smaller space, choose a more functional sofa. An l-shaped sofa is a great option for small living/family rooms because they are shorter without sacrificing seating space, since they have the extra seat that creates the "l." L-shaped sofas also allow you room for a coffee table.

If you have a large room and need to fill it up, choose a much larger sofa than you would initially imagine. This will help the sofa become the focal point of the space.


The frame is also an important factor to consider. Durability is key if you want the sofa to last and stand up well to years of abuse while still being comfortable.

Make sure the sofa you choose has a solid-wood frame. Avoid any sofas with frames that consist of particle board or metal. These will not only wear down faster than a solid hardwood frame, but they will also lose their shape and overall appeal quickly.

Ask about manufacturer warranties, as well. Many manufacturers offer amazing warranties that cover the cost of replacing cushions, but they can also cover any wear/tear or damage that occurs to the frame. Even though it will cost more, a lifetime warranty is a great investment.


Finally, focus on the upholstery used on the sofa. This fabric is an essential part of your sofa's design, but the right upholstery can make the sofa more comfortable and durable.

Leather is an excellent option because it is incredibly durable. It is also easy to clean, only requiring a light cleaning and conditioning every once in a while. A distressed leather is ideal if you have children and pets, since the surface's look and texture hides wear/tear and scratches.

Wool, linen, and even velvet are also great options because they are natural and durable. Contact a shop, like By The Yard, for more help.