A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

When you are located in an area where there are a lot of hurricanes, investing in hurricane shutters is one of the smartest moves you can make. Made to protect windows and doors from hurled objects and high winds, these shutters can save your home from a lot of damage. Storm panel shutters are a common go-to type. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of these shutters.

Pro: These hurricane shutters are the most inexpensive to acquire. 

There are more permanent types of hurricane shutters, but they do not come without higher costs for investment and installation. If you need an inexpensive solution to protect your windows and doors from hurricane-force winds, storm panel types are the way to go. 

Con: Storm panel shutters have to be stored when not in use.

One of the biggest downfalls for a lot of homeowners with storm panel hurricane shutters is they have to be stored away when they are no longer needed. This is a problem if you do not have a lot of storage space available because the panels can be rather large if you have larger windows and doors. On the plus side, the majority of modern storm panel shutter types fit neatly together and stack well, so they do not have to take up a lot of space because they cannot be stored together in one bundle. 

Pro: Storm panel shutters do not change the outward appearance of the house unless they are in use. 

Because storm panel hurricane shutters are completely removable, they are not going to be a permanent fixture that changes the outward appearance of the house. The more permanent fixtures that do get attached to the house can make the outside of the home look a little different, which is something that is undesirable for a lot of homeowners. 

Con: The shutters have to be installed before a storm, which can be time-consuming. 

When you know there is a hurricane coming, you will have to go out and gather up your storm panels and get someone to help you put them up. This can be problematic if you live in an area where storm warnings can come in at the last minute or if you live alone and do not always have someone around to help you hang your shutters. Unlike accordion-style shutters that are already in place, you are going to be spending at least a few minutes getting your storm panel shutters hung.