Giving Your Bed A Comfort Upgrade: Four Ideas To Consider

Your bed is your escape from the stress of the day, and making it as comfortable as possible can help you get a better night's sleep. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to upgrade your sleeping space and create a cozy place to cuddle up underneath your blankets. Here are just some ideas to consider when your bed needs a little something extra.

Bed Size Upgrade

While a full-sized bed may seem like plenty of space for you and your partner, you may find that not having a lot of personal space can make it difficult to stay comfortable as you sleep. An upgrade to a queen-sized mattress offers an excellent solution. While the dimensions only increase slightly compared to the full-sized option, those extra few inches can make a world of difference. As you shop for queen-sized mattresses, be sure to compare firmness levels and other features, such as built-in pillow tops or cooling gel. A larger mattress with built-in comfort features can go a long way when you need to catch some Zs.

Moisture-Wicking Sheets

Whether you live in an area that experiences extremely warm weather or you tend to sweat as you sleep, moisture-wicking sheets can help you feel cooler throughout the night. These sheets typically feel cool to the touch, and they are designed to prevent you from sweating through. Look for a set that includes pillowcases or shams so both sides of your pillow are always cool and ready for you to rest your head.

Proper Pillows

Not all pillows are created equal, and many are designed for specific types of sleepers. Some are designed specifically for people who sleep on their sides, while others offer extra support for people who sleep on their backs. Identify which type of sleeper you are, and then seek out new pillows designed just for you. Even if you already have pillows you love, you may want to consider tossing them out. Pillows can lose their plush feeling and intended support level over time, which can lead to neck pains and overall discomfort. Don't forget to look for knee wedges, body pillows, and other specialty designs that can provide additional support for your entire body.

Expanded Bedding Collection

Choosing the right sheets and blankets for the season is essential when trying to get a good night's sleep. Traditional comforters are typically too warm for the winter months, but a coverlet or light quilt can provide just the right amount of warmth. Flannel sheet sets are perfect for the winter months, while satin sheets may provide a cooler texture for the summer. Jersey cotton sheets offer a perfect solution for spring and fall when the weather tends to fluctuate more at night.