Why Fall And Winter Are The Best Times To Buy Air Conditioners

Many people hurriedly buy air conditioners at the end of spring and beginning of summer, or whenever they first discover that their old units are not working. However, the best time to buy an air conditioner is not when you suddenly need one, or right at the beginning of the cooling season. The best time to buy a cooling appliance is often in the fall, or better yet, in the winter. Here is why:

Prices Drop

This is not the appliance everybody wants during the cooler seasons; ergo, prices drop. They may not drop dramatically, but they will drop enough that you can get a pretty good deal on your air conditioner for next summer. If you are having an HVAC technician come out to do routine service on your heating and cooling appliances anyway, have the new cooling unit installed and then covered for the winter. It will be ready to fire up and cool down next spring/summer when everyone else is scrambling to purchase a unit and keep themselves cool. 

A Collection of Gently Used Units May Be Available

Gently used A/C units become available as summer dies down. These units still have a little life in them, which makes them useful and a cheap option for customers who cannot afford the brand new models. They are usually units that have been rescued from buildings that have been torn down or remodeled to the point that those buildings have brand new cooling units. No matter where they come from, now is the time to act before your HVAC technician does not have any more of them available. 

If You Are Already Scheduled for HVAC Maintenance, Include the Installation

One service call does it all. The technician checks and maintains your heating system, removes your old air conditioner, installs the new air conditioner, and then you are all set. No extra service call fees are required. It beats having the maintenance for winter done now, and then placing a second service call and paying extra labor costs next spring/summer. You could save one or two hundred dollars this way, and be ready for the cooling season next year. 

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? Prices will not get better, you have the best access to second-hand and refurbished units now, and you can condense your labor costs and service call fees in one visit. Call an appliance sales store and HVAC company today.