Tips For Maintaining Your New Gutters So They Last A Long Time And Protect Your Home Well

After you have new gutters installed on your home, you'll want to maintain them properly or they may not do the job you need them to do. If you haven't chosen your new system yet, you may want to get the seamless variety and have leaf guards put on to reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do. However, no matter what kind of system you have, you'll want to take these steps to help the gutters protect your home and have a long life.

Clean Out Leaves Every Autumn

Cleaning leaves out of the troughs before winter sets in is important so snow and ice don't back up on the roof. The troughs need to drain freely all seasons of the year or serious problems might result. Troughs that don't drain like they should can cause roof damage as well as foundation damage. Even if they don't harm the structure of your home, troughs that spill water because they are caked with leaves can cause you to have a wet basement.

It's good to clean the troughs out by hand so you can inspect the system at the same time. If you have leaf guards, you may not have much debris to clean out. If you don't have guards and you have several trees close to the house, you may have to dig out a lot of clumps of wet leaves. You might even find a bird's nest and other signs of animal, insect, or bird activity in the troughs that needs to be removed.

Test For Leaks When Cleaning The Troughs

Another important step to take when cleaning the troughs is to check for leaks. This is easy to do when you're cleaning since you can use water from a hose while you're on a ladder and watch how the water drains. If you decide to get sectional gutters, be sure to check all the seams for leaks. If the troughs don't drain or if you find leaks, call a gutter company to make repairs before the rainy season begins.

Touch Up Rusty And Worn Areas

Your system should last for many years, but it's possible for the troughs or downspout to rust or otherwise show their age at some point. Check for signs of wear when you clean the gutters each year. Rust should be removed with a wire brush or other method and then an inhibitor used along with paint to cover the area up and protect it from further rusting. The amount of maintenance you have to do depends somewhat on the type of material used in the system you buy.

Metal is an excellent choice since it's durable and strong. You could even choose copper and let the troughs develop a patina that adds beauty to your home. Another option is vinyl that never needs to be painted and is easy to care for. If you want to spend as little time as possible maintaining your gutters, talk to the gutter company about the best system to buy for your home.