4 Exciting Applications For Natural Stone Products

Natural stone has a unique beauty that can't be found in other materials. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and its durability makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you're designing a new home or simply redecorating, there are numerous ways you can integrate natural stone into your design plans. Here are a few fantastic uses for natural stone products:

1. Stairs

Large slabs of natural stone can help you create eye-catching staircases. These slabs are heavy, so they're best used for outdoor applications where the earth can support them. The rough, unfinished edges of stepper slabs will lend an air of rustic charm to your landscape. Stairs made from natural stone slabs are functional as well as decorative.

2. Natural Rock Walls

Walls can be desirable landscape features for many reasons. They can offer increased privacy, which is particularly important for people who live close to their neighbors. Walls can also help you keep pets and children from wandering off the property. Natural rock walls are much more beautiful than other options, such as chain-link fences or brick walls. Wallstone is perfect for this purpose. Wallstone is excavated from the top layer of earth and used without much additional refinement. It comes in shapes that are suitable for use in wall building. 

3. Ground Cover

Natural stone makes an excellent ground cover. Many people are concerned about water conservation, especially those who live in areas prone to drought. Traditionally, grass is used as ground cover, but lawns are difficult to maintain, and they can consume a lot of water. Rocks in various hues and finishes can cover large expanses of ground in an aesthetically pleasing way. Smooth river stones are an excellent choice for anyone with children since the smooth finish makes injury less likely. White stones can be particularly visually striking.

4. Stone Flooring

Stone can replace tile when it comes to flooring. Natural flagstone is an excellent material to use for flooring. It has a flat, smooth shape that is comfortable even for bare feet. You can purchase flagstone that has been shaped into even, square shapes. If you prefer a less traditional appearance, irregular flagstone can be fitted together to create a floor with a more natural appearance.

Natural stone can be used in a variety of different ways. You can use these ideas on their own or combine them to create unique new designs. There's no limit to what you can do with natural stone products and some creativity.