4 Considerations When Choosing Your New Commercial Window Coverings

Choosing the right window covering for your office building can be challenging since you want blinds or drapes that are easy to care for and do the job you want, whether it's providing privacy or blocking the sun. Here's a look at some choices in commercial window coverings that might be perfect for your offices.

1. To Control Glare And Solar Heating

Solar shades are perfect for guest waiting rooms and offices where you want to block the sun without blocking the view. You can see through solar shades so your employees won't feel boxed in, yet the shades block UV rays to eliminate glare on computer equipment and to reduce solar heating on people sitting close to the windows. These shades are easy to control so they can be adjusted throughout the day as needed.

2. To Darken The Room For Media Presentations

Thick drapes are always a nice touch for large office windows in meeting rooms. Drapes aren't always suitable for office spaces, but they add a nice decorative touch to meeting and executive areas. Plus, heavy drapes are ideal for darkening a room when you want to show employees training videos. The heavy drapes can also act as insulation to block out distracting noise from outside while your meeting is underway. Drapes can provide privacy at night too so people on the street can't see in your building when the lights are on.

3. To Add Privacy

Besides drapes, blinds and shades can be used for privacy. You can even buy blackout shades or room-darkening blinds if you prefer blinds and shades over drapes in meeting rooms. Shades and blinds come in different types for different purposes. Some allow people to see inside your building at night when you have the lights on.

Privacy shades and blinds are made of thicker material that provides complete privacy both day and night. You might want these shades on first-floor offices next to a sidewalk or parking lot so employees aren't distracted by activity outside.

4. To Add To The Decor

Plain windows are pretty boring, so you'll want some type of commercial window coverings, if only for adding to the decor. Drapes come in different types of fabric colors and patterns, so these are useful when your office needs color. Blinds can also be decorative since they come in different colors, and you can even buy fabric-covered blinds. Some blinds open vertically while others have a traditional horizontal orientation.

Shades can also be attractive. Pleated shades accent small windows, and solar shades are attractive because they add tint to the window while allowing for an outside view. Shades can roll up with a remote or pull up and down manually. There are many options for your office, so decide why the windows need shades so you buy the right type and then choose the style that reflects your company's personality and that looks pleasing to employees and guests.