A Homeowner’s Guide To Window Opening Mechanisms

A new window installation means that you have several choices to make, from the materials of the frame to the insulation level of the glass and panes. Another decision that you don't want to gloss over is the different types of window operation available. The following guide will help you learn all the options available.


Fixed windows are the most cost-effective and the most simple. These windows are fixed in place, so they do not open at all. Fixed windows are most often used for accessory windows, such as those located high up on a wall or near a door where you don't need a window that can open.


Sliding windows are one of the more common window types. The glass in the frame is divided into two panels, and one panel can slide over the other and open. These windows are referred to as sliders when they slide side to side. Windows, where the bottom half slides up over the top half, are referred to as single hung windows.


A double-hung window is like a single hung slider but with more options. You can slide the bottom up as you would a single hung window, or you can slide the top down so airflow comes in nearer the ceiling. The benefit is mainly found in hot climates, where opening the top portion of the window lets hot air escape the house.


A casement window is like a double door. The window is still in two glass panels, like a side slider, but the panels are hinged to the window frames so you can open one or both halves. Casement windows can literally be flung open to allow in as much air as possible.


Awning style windows are a single pane of glass that is hinged along the top. A crank inside the house is typically used to open the window. Awning windows are popular in rainy climates because you can open the window for airflow, but the glass provides a protective awning that keeps rain from blowing inside.


A hopper window is much like an awning window, but the glass is hinged on the bottom instead of the top. Hopper windows work well in dusty areas because they provide a shield that prevents dust from the ground from kicking up into your home.

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