Design Tips For Interior Landscaping In Your Home Office

Many entrepreneurs run their businesses out of home offices. A major benefit is you don't have the addition of office space rental. If you see clients in your home office, though, you likely want the space to look professional. A well-designed interior landscape can help to that end. Forget about a simple plant on a shelf. Your interior landscape will complement your home office with a well-planned layout of plants.

Choose a Focal-Point Plant

The key to successful interior design is to choose a focal point, a stunning piece that draws the eye. For interior landscaping, choose a large, visually impactful plant. Landscapers recommend tropical plants such as a swiss cheese plant or bird's nest fern. Both offer stunning foliage. Place this plant where it will be easily visible from anywhere in the office.  

Keep Interior Proportions in Mind

When you choose your plants, keep their proportions in mind. The focal point plant should be large, but it shouldn't overwhelm the office. Accent plants should be smaller than the focal point plant but still large enough to draw attention. You can elevate any plants with the pot you choose, which you can also place on a stand.

Add Texture with Foliage

A well-designed interior garden should offer visual interest. One way to add that interest is to vary the textures of the foliage. Plants offer fine, medium, or bold textures depending on the size and shape of their leaves. Layer several different types of texture within the room. For instance, create a counterpoint by placing a fine-leafed plant in front of one with broad leaves.

Apply a Color Scheme

You might choose to add more color than green. Indoor plants such as hosta feature colorful foliage. You can also add blooming plants, such as Christmas cacti. These colorful plants must fit within your décor's color scheme. For example, if you choose a yellow hosta, you should have yellow elsewhere in your décor.

Balance Out the Greenery

Another important design element you should apply to your interior landscaping is balance. You don't want your home office to feel like a jungle, but it should feature a selection of plants spread out. Indeed, your goal should be to have plants against all four walls. Remember, you can place them on shelves or hang them from the ceiling.

Purify Your Air with Plants

Plants can serve another purpose beyond décor. They can also purify your air, which is ideal for a home office where you'll meet with clients. The following plants are great air purifiers:

  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • English ivy
  • Chinese evergreen

Try to incorporate at least one air-purifying plant into your landscape.

Once you have your interior landscape set up, keep it beautiful with professional plant care services. Reach out to a professional for more information about interior plants