Different Ways To Display Glass Spheres In Your Home

The addition of a set of glass spheres to your home can go a long way toward improving the appearance of any room in which you place this decoration. Whether you've bought a set for yourself or received the spheres as a gift, you'll want to give some careful thought to where in your home you'll situate them. Depending on how many spheres are within the set, you have the option of displaying the entire set together or putting individual spheres in different locations. Regardless of how you proceed, here are some different ways that you can stylishly display the glass spheres around your home.

Hang Them With Fishing Line

Many glass spheres have small loops, which are helpful if you like the idea of hanging them. While you can certainly hang the glass with any type of string or rope, using fishing line is a good choice because it's difficult to see from a distance. This means that when you're looking at the spheres, they'll almost appear to be floating. There are many different places that you can hang them. Colored spheres can work well in a window that gets a lot of sunlight, as they'll catch the sun's rays and can look as though they're glowing.

Place Them In A Bowl

Another option that you can pursue is to arrange your set of glass spheres in a bowl that you can set on your mantel, coffee table, or elsewhere in a place of prominence. It's important to choose a bowl that will be a good visual complement for the spheres. For example, if the spheres are all various shades of blue, you might opt for a white or light gray bowl that will allow the blue to really stand out. Using a bowl can be a good display method if the set includes a large number of spheres that will fill the bowl—you can simply buy a bowl of an appropriate size.

Use Them In Potted Plants

Some glass spheres come with long metal stands that are connected to the bottom of each sphere. If your spheres have stands, a good way to display them is to push the bottom of the stand into the soil that holds a potted plant. It's ideal if you pick a plant that the glass sphere will complement. For example, if the plant has pink blooms, pink glass spheres may be a good visual match in this location. Contact a company for more information about glass sphere sets.