Why You Want Rain Gutters Installed On Your Home Before It Rains Again

If your house doesn't have rain gutters, then you want to have some installed as soon as possible. The longer you allow your home to be exposed to rain without the protection of rain gutters, the more problems you can find happening to your house, as well as your yard. If you aren't yet informed on the different ways rain gutters offer your home protection, then you want to finish this article. It will help you to gain a better understanding of what rain gutters do and why those things are important. 

Rain gutters help to stop erosion

When homes are built, they are done so with a slight slope that helps to properly drain the rainwater away from the house and the foundation. However, rain gutters also play their role in this because they catch the water as it runs off the roof and take it down the downspout where it will then travel down that slope and away from the house. 

When there is no rain gutter, then all that rain will pour down around the house, and this causes erosion with more soil being washed away with each rainstorm. Eventually, this can affect the drainage of your yard and water will just pool around the house instead of getting carried away. Also, with time, that erosion can cause damage to the foundation, and this can be a big problem you will need to have corrected. 

Rain gutters help prevent pests from getting into your attic

It may be hard to imagine how rain gutters prevent pests from getting in your attic, but they do. The reason for this is that the rain gutters hang from the fascia, and this is the area that many pests chew through in order to gain entry into the attic. When the rain gutters are there, the pests will be blocked. 

Another way the rain gutters help prevent pests from getting through the fascia is by preventing it from rotting over time, which is something else that tends to happen when the gutters aren't there to prevent it. When the fascia is rotted, it is even easier for pests to get past. 

Rain gutters help to keep the siding in better shape

If you ever go past a home or a building and see thick and dark streaks going down the length of the exterior, then take a look at where the rain gutters should be. You will either notice that there are no rain gutters or that they have extensive damage. When there are no rain gutters, then the rainwater picks up dirt and everything else on the roof and washes all of that down the sides of the structure. 

This same thing can be expected to happen to your home if you don't have rain gutters installed. Eventually, those dark streaks will make it seem like the siding is stained by all the dirty rain. Now that you see some problems a lack of rain gutters causes, you will want to have some installed on your home before the next rainstorm.

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