Tools Of The Trade For Weed Control

Ever wonder what your weed control specialist uses to tame those wild and unruly weeds in your yard? These days, it pays to know how your commercial weed control company deals with annoying weeds, especially given how it can affect the overall appearance of your yard. The following is a brief look at the type of tools lawn care companies and weed control specialist use to combat unwanted weeds and grasses. Read More 

4 Ways Garage Door Technicians Reduce Risk While Performing Repairs

With the sheer amount of tension in your garage door's springs and cables, it is definitely unwise to attempt repairs on your own. Just one wrong move could cause the springs or cables to violently jump out of position, potentially causing a host of serious injuries. In fact, even professional door technicians have to utilize extreme caution while performing repairs to avoid injuries or even death. Your garage door repair technician will use proper safety gear, inspect components for defects, use specialized tools and triple check hardware torque to stay safe throughout the installation or repair process. Read More 

6 Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer Without Wearing Out Your Heater

It's never a good time for your heater to need repairs, but the chance of a break down is almost impossible to avoid after years of wear and tear. What you can do is minimize your risk of needing repairs by implementing warming techniques throughout your home that support the performance of your heater so it doesn't have to work so hard. Here are six ways to do just that: Read More 

Choosing The Right Concrete Slab Foundation For Your Luxury Log Home

If you have decided that you are going to build a luxury log home (with the help of a site like, you have probably spent a lot of time pouring over the plans. You probably have already decided the exact components that you want inside of your home, but have you decided what you want underneath your home? What type of foundation will your home sit on? Even if you choose to go with a slab foundation, all of these are not created equal. Read More 

7 Helpful Tips For Avoiding Termites

If you are a homeowner, the very thought of termites probably makes you cringe. These critters might be small, but they can completely destroy the foundation of your home. Termite damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair, so you definitely want to prevent them in the first place. If you just make a few changes, you can reduce your risk of termite infestation. Here are seven helpful tips for avoiding termites. Read More