Keeping Your Palette Satisfied: How To Pack Spices During A Move

Your kitchen simply would not be complete without spices that enhance the flavors of your meals. The United States is the world's largest spice importer and consumer, and it's not uncommon to find a wide array of unique spices in the average American home. Some of these spices are quite expensive, with saffron costing an average of $2,000 per pound. It's uneconomical and impractical to toss your spices out when moving from home to home. Read More 

5 Drapery Treatments To Make You And Your Toddler Sleep Better

When you are selecting draperies for your baby or toddler, your first concern should be your child's safety. The most common risk associated with draperies or blinds is strangulation from looped cords. However, once you have done away with the cords and fabric loops in your draperies, you have plenty of options for making your child's room look fantastic while providing a good environment for sleeping and activities. Below are five different options that will let you rest easy, knowing that your child is sleeping safely. Read More 

Planning A Cross-Country Move With Kids (Or Pets)? Make It A Success

Whether you're moving to be closer to family, relocating due to a job change or promotion, or simply want to experience life in another part of the country for a while, you might be wondering about ways to make your move as simple and easy as possible. And if you have pets and/or young children, you may be concerned about the logistics of transporting an entire household full of belongings along with yourself and your smaller family members for thousands of miles. Read More 

Window Replacement Options: An Overview Of Double Glazed Windows

Windows are a major location for heat loss in your home. Although windows only make up about 5 to 10% of the total exterior surface area of your home, they account for as much as 30% of total heat loss. Insulating your windows can make a huge difference. Single pane windows offer the least amount of insulation. Triple glazed windows reduce noise significantly, but the energy savings witnessed do not justify their costs. Read More 

Tools Of The Trade For Weed Control

Ever wonder what your weed control specialist uses to tame those wild and unruly weeds in your yard? These days, it pays to know how your commercial weed control company deals with annoying weeds, especially given how it can affect the overall appearance of your yard. The following is a brief look at the type of tools lawn care companies and weed control specialist use to combat unwanted weeds and grasses. Read More